Google Assistant Will Soon Stop Serenading You In John Legend’s Voice

GoogleUpdate, March 6, 2020 (3:05AM ET): After a cameo that lasted for almost a year, Google is pulling the voice of John Legend from the Google Assistant. The company made the announcement via its Twitter handle, saying that the singer's Assistant voice will not be available after March 23." Enjoy @JohnLegend's cameo Google Assistant voice before it involves an end on March 23. https://t. co/C4vAzyl3x7

— Google (@Google) March 5, 2020

You still have a few weeks before this occurs, so benefit from Legend's serenading voice, it really is, when you are a fan. If you will want a star Assistant voice after Legend's is gone, you can also try comic Issa Rae's Assistant voice, even though it's uncertain if this might be pulled sooner or later too.Original article, April 3, 2019 (10:36 AM ET): Chatting with Google Assistant is going to be smoother than usual if you reside in the U. S.Starting today, you can give the Google Assistant the voice of John Legend.Google first introduced that Legend would appear as a voice for Google Assistant users nearly a year ago at Google I/O 2018. The agency used a new AI era called WaveNet to create a digital edition of Legend's voice pattern, in keeping with taking recorded samples of his real voice.If you live in the U. S.and want to listen to John Legend reply to some of your requests, just ask your Google Assistant-powered device — whether that be a Google Home or your Android phone — and say "Hey Google, talk like a Legend. " You also can go into the Assistant's settings menu, select "Assistant voice," then select John Legend's voice.You should now begin to hear Legend's voice — or rather an excellent simulation of it — reply to simple questions or instructions like "What's the temperature external?" or "Tell me a joke. " Most responses to questions will still come from a standard Google Assistant voice.However, Google promises that there are a few Easter eggs when it comes to Legend's voice responses. They suggest saying "Hey Google, serenade me" or "Hey Google, are we just typical people?" to elicit some custom solutions or commands from Legend. You also can ask Google Assistant things like "Are you John Legend?", "What's your favorite form of music?", or "Who is Chrissy Teigen?"

Google says this Assistant cameo for Legend's voice might be accessible for a "limited time" but did not specify when his voice help will end.This is not the first time Legend has teamed up with Google for a unique promoting of its items. In April 2018, he filmed a music video for his song "A Good Night" totally on a Google Pixel 2.

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