Iqoo 3 Review: Not Even Snapdragon 865 Could Make This ‘inexpensive Flagship’ Shine

Iqoo 3 review: Not even Snapdragon 865 could make this ‘cost-efficient flagship' shine

Sub-brands are the flavour of the season and Chinese-major BBK has introduced yet an alternate one. Hot on the heels of the Realme X50 Pro, the Iqoo 3 5G joins the ranks of the first Snapdragon 865-competent phones. A little over a week after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20, we now have an alternative brand that brings you many of the hardware for only half the price.We spent a few days testing the newest cheap flagship and here's the Android Authority tackle the Iqoo 3.Updated, April, 2020: Updated verdict.

Iqoo 3: A spinoff design

The Iqoo 3's design is as inoffensive as it gets. The phone picks up cues from OnePlus, Oppo, and a dash of Huawei to create a hybrid that doesn't particularly stand out in anyway. The design is non-descript at best though, there are a few noteworthy additions. The brightly coloured power key, for one, stands proud to break the monotony of the design.ROG Phone 2. Combined with the optimized haptics, it makes for a rather enjoyable adventure.The lack of a high refresh rate display is a dampener.However, there is a downer here. While the oodles of power and the air triggers make for an excellent gaming phone, the Iqoo 3 lacks a high-refresh rate reveal. With 90Hz and above monitors getting normal even in the mid-range phase, it is a pity to see Iqoo skimp out here.

Snapdragon 865 powering the show is probably going a big motivator if you are on account that the Iqoo 3. So, how's the performance?As anticipated, the telephone aces all benchmarks and each game we threw at it ran perfectly. But that's not likely outstanding. The largest take-away with the 2020 class of high-end hardware is high-frame-rate gameplay, and the 60Hz display on the Iqoo 3 holds you back from enjoying truly next-gen smartphone gaming.

Iqoo UI appears to be little else than a rebadged Funtouch OS.The application experience here isn't on top of things either. Iqoo UI seems be little else than a skinned edition of Funtouch OS from Vivo's hardware. Extraneous additions just like the Jovi smart assistant are littered across the menu and so are third-party apps. Not a good search for Iqoo.

Battery life is in line with what you'd expect from a 4,440mAh cell and the high-end internals. I consistently accomplished between five and 6 hours of screen-on time with aggressive use. The 55W charging is definitely worth stating here, as it permits you to refill the hardware in pretty much an hour. Very convenient to have.Listen, cameras are hard to get right.I went in with low expectancies and the effects were conflicting to say the least. If all you do is view images on your phone or share to social media, the ultra-processed, over sharpened images might be to your liking. Blow them up on a large screen though and that they simply fall apart. At a look, the pictures are adequate to look at, but the aggressive processing solely obliterates low-level detail. Iqoo 3 Primary Camera Iqoo 3 Telephoto

Despite Iqoo's claims, low-light images constantly turned out soft and lacking intimately. Selfies, although, stand out as the phone manages to catch true-to-life images with a good amount of detail or even">

Interestingly, one of the crucial hallmark features of the Snapdragon 865 chipset is assist for 8K recording.No, you don't get that here. 4K, 60FPS video looks fairly good however the aggressive processing is visible here besides.There's not anything really wrong with the Iqoo 3, but it is a rather boring effort for a fresh upstart.The design has been done to death and the program adventure is lackluster. What works in its favor is the sheer performance and an acceptable imaging event.Realme X50 Pro, the Iqoo 3 doesn't really have the first-mover advantage.Unless air triggers are by some means a must-have for you, I would give the Realme X50 Pro a long, hard look.The Iqoo 3 is priced at between Rs. 36,990 (~$517) and Rs.44,990 (~$629) for the 4G and 5G variants of the phone. That's not a bad price at excited by the latest and best hardware. However, a phone is more than the sum of its parts and the average experience is just not there.Going into April 2020, the telephone hasn't acquired any signficant application updates to patch up the adventure. The Realme X50 remains an excellent option, and with the OnePlus 8 right across the corner, that'll be the telephone to peer out for.Give the Iqoo 3 a">

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