Is LG Ditching The G Series? Here’s What The Company Has To Say

Is LG ditching the G series? Here's what the agency has to say

LG has spoke back to claims that the company is ditching its G series branding after a Korean outlet stated the scoop.In an emailed reaction to Android Authority's query, LG's Global Communications Director Ken Hong said: "There are many proposals being batted around and when it's time to announce our method for our next device, Android Authority will hear that without delay from us, not during the Korean media. "

Last week, The Korea Herald mentioned that LG is looking to redesign its telephone naming approach.It noted that the company is planning to kill the G series brand name for its top class smartphones.Read: LG in 2020 — Time for a turnaround

LG supposedly made its resolution public at a gathering with South Korean mobile owners. An unnamed legit was quoted as saying: "For upcoming top rate phones, the naming will center around each model's design or special characteristic. "

Nothing was said about retaining the ThinQ moniker though. In our opinion, it's one of the worst additions to cellphone names in recent memory.It's hard to pronounce and complicated. We wouldn't mind considering that go too.bad cellphone names and LG of late has had one of the vital worst names for its phones.Both LG's G and V series were overlapping considerably during the last few years and the typical ThinQ branding makes it all of the more complicated to differentiate among the two phone lines.

We hope LG streamlines its products in a more effective way going forward and ditches either the G or V series lines to bypass overlapping.The last major G series phone to launch was the LG G8X. We also anticipated the LG G9 at MWC 2020, but the event was cancelled and we got the V60 in its place. Will the G9 finally see the sunshine of day?Let's wait and">

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