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Your phone can be hacked with ultrasonic waves and a… table?

Your smartphone is capable of listening to ultrasonic waves, even though humans can't hear these frequencies. Now, researchers have used this capacity to hack Google Assistant and Siri on smartphones.A team at Washington University in St Louis successfully used guided ultrasonic waves to trick the v...Read More

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Dated : 2020-10-25 19:50:52

Google Assistant will soon stop serenading you in John Legend’s voice

GoogleUpdate, March 6, 2020 (3:05AM ET): After a cameo that lasted for almost a year, Google is pulling the voice of John Legend from the Google Assistant. The company made the announcement via its Twitter handle, saying that the singer's Assistant voice will not be available after March 23." Enjoy ...Read More

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Dated : 2020-10-18 08:50:52

Hey Google, please add these elements to Assistant

Hey Google, please add these traits to AssistantGoogle Assistant continuously on my phone for a long time now, and although I love it, it's still removed from perfect. The software lacks numerous features users would embody with open arms, some of which need to have been available ages ago in my ...Read More

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Dated : 2020-10-15 07:50:52

Google Assistant can read web pages to you aloud, available today on Android

Google Assistant can read web pages to you aloud, accessible today on AndroidAt CES 2020, Google discovered a new Google Assistant function called "Read It. " The characteristic does something tremendously simple but additionally very useful: it reads aloud the text on web content.At CES, Google ...Read More

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Dated : 2020-10-13 20:50:52